Meet Our Friend, Kellen!

Meet Kellen as told by his mom, Mykel:

Kellen was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years old with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. He ended up in the ICU after round 1 of chemo due to his tumor punching a hole through his diaphragm and bleeding into his chest cavity.

He underwent several rounds of radiation to hopefully stop the bleeding and needed a chest tube, breathing tube and feeding tube placed. After 6 days, he was released back to the pediatric oncology floor where he had 4 more rounds of chemo that came with all of the usual side effects… mouth sores, pain pumps, nausea, etc. Kellen’s counts did not recover well at all so we never left the hospital (one occasion took 54 days) and after the 5th round of chemo, he had his tumor removed.

When he was diagnosed, the tumor was 8 inches long, but by the time it was removed, it was under an inch. My son weighed 28 lbs and had an 8 inch tumor in his gut. After surgery, he had one more round of chemo and then we got 11 days at home. Next we went in for his bone marrow transplant… not a good time for Kellen!! Or us as parents, watching him suffer!!

He ended up with an infection and we were close to losing him. The doctor allowed his sister in to visit (I personally believe the doctor thought Kellen might not pull through) and she was the best medicine! Kellen sat up and smiled when he saw her! Finally on day 8 following his transplant, he started to recover.

In 10 months of treatment, we spent only 28 days at home. He spent every holiday and his 3rd birthday inpatient.

Kellen’s most recent scans show that he is cancer-free! His broviac (the catheter line used to deliver his chemo, blood products, medicines, etc) was removed recently and he’s ready for some fun! We are so happy to be home and to be enjoying a little freedom!

Healing with Hope and Happiness is thrilled to be able to send Kellen and his family on a swimming trip to Great Wolf Lodge!